Why do you need a windshield sunshade?

There is nothing worse than returning to your vehicle and the first thing you feel after opening the door is a blast of heat. The heat that was trapped inside and the direct sunlight also caused your seat and steering wheel to become scorching hot. This makes the whole driving experience unpleasant for you and your passengers. Driving right after you sit in a car that more resembles a giant portable oven than a vehicle is also a big safety issue. The heat makes it harder to concentrate on the road. This makes you more prone to unnecessary accidents and arguments. Owning a high-quality windshield car shade from Autoamerics solves both of these problems with ease.

The second reason is the fact that direct sunlight and the interior of your car do not mix well. Over time, the UV rays from the sunlight and the heat will leave a mark on your dashboard, seats, and interior electronics. Dashboards tend to fade in color and even crack. Your leather seats do not like direct sunlight as well. Leather tends to dry up, fade, and crack when exposed to direct sunlight and heat. If temperatures outside range from 75 to 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can be between 120 to 170 degrees. Such amounts of heat can cause serious damage to the electronics inside your car. Keeping the temperature significantly lower can be easily achieved by mounting a simple high-quality reflective windshield car shade. This means buying a car shade could actually prevent significantly bigger costs in the future.

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The Autoamerics windshield car shade is a must-have when traveling with your kids or pets. Unlike adults, kids have a harder time coping with excessive heat. The same goes for your pets. Having the best car windshield sunshade will ensure your car is cooler on a scorching summer day. Heat can also distract the driver and increase the chances of a car crash. A simple windshield car shade can make you and your passengers feel better and safer.

How does it work?

Same as you, we hate using auto accessories that are not practical. Therefore, our main priorities while designing Autoamerics products are convenience and ease of use. The Autoamerics car shades are easy to install and remove. You simply slide the sun shade into place above your dashboard and remove it just as easily once you return to your car. With just 4 simple folding steps, your windshield sunshade is small enough to fit into the provided storage pouch. That is it, quick and simple.

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By using premium materials that offer great reflectivity and heat reduction, our products offer unmatched performance. We also make sure our products look good and do not wrinkle. Installing, removing, and storing our car shades could not be easier. We provide you with simple instructions, including video tutorials. Last but not least, we design our products in the USA and provide you with a 1-year warranty.

To ensure that each and every customer will find the best solution to their car, we provide different types of shades that comes in various sizes. Whether you drive a mid-size or a full-size SUV, Autoamerics windshield car shade comes in sizes big enough to cover the entire windshield of your SUV. For mid-size SUVs with regular/universal size windshields, our Medium Fit option will be the right choice. For larger, full-size SUVs we recommend you consult our size chart and measure the size of your windshield to determine whether you need a Large Fit or the X-Large Fit for SUVs with very large windshields. We got you covered no matter the size!