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Autoamerics, US is a new company entering the passionate and crazy world of car care products. After getting tired of trying and testing the over-priced, over-marketed, low-quality products in the market, we knew there had to be more people like us in need of better car care.
This is when we decided to start our journey.

Our main selling point countries are the United States & the United Arab Emirates. For the rest of the world, the international shipping fee may apply.

Delivery time to USA & UAE from 3-7 days.
International delivery time 7-14+ days. (International shipping fee 12.00USD)

Yes, we provide full order tracking information along with your order confirmation.

Please first accept our heartfelt apology! You should CONTACT US, or reach us on Facebook or E-mail to get information for the next steps.

We are confident in the quality, durability, and utility of our product line that we are willing to accept that if you become unhappy for any reason at all with any of our products, we offer a full and immediate refund. There are no hidden terms, no gimmicks. If you are unsatisfied with our item please CONTACT US, and we will solve the issue together.

Sports (small) – Each piece measures 23.5 x 29 inches (59.5 x 73.5cm) --- suitable for hatchback, compact and sports cars
Standard (universal) – Each piece measures 28 x 31 inches (71 x 79cm) --- suitable for majority of standard cars, sedans, mid-size SUVs, trucks, minivans
Max (large) – Each piece measures 32.5 x 36 inches (82.5 x 91.5cm) --- suitable for full-size cars, SUVs, trucks and vans with big windshields.

If you need more information CONTACT US.

The first step please check out product packing, to make sure you have order and received the correct size! If it appears to be the wrong size, or it’s the right size for your car type, but still doesn’t fit please CONTACT US, and we’ll help you get a size that suits your vehicle.

It may seem a little tricky at first, but there’s a simple knack that once you’ve done once or twice, you’ll be a master. For our customers, we made an easy short video "How to fold Autoamerics Sunshade" to learn it easier and quicker.
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If any Autoamerics product breaks or becomes defective, we firstly apologize sincerely and ask all customers to CONTACT US.

The sun’s UV rays and heat can do real damage to your car, including the upholstery, dashboard, and electronic components. Our sunshade will block out 99 percent of the sun’s damaging rays, keeping your car’s interior safe and also comfortable. You’ll no longer have to get into a scorching hot car and endure the extreme heat that makes you uncomfortable when driving.